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  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Conditions for Permissible Ruqya Healing
  • Things to avoid in Ruqya
  • The profession of Ruqya giving
  • Ruqya from the Sunnah
  • Ruqya with Allah’s names
  • Ruqya with the Quran
  • Evidence and Foundations for Ruqya Healing
  • Evidence from the Quran for Ruqya Healing
  • Evidence from the Sunnah for Ruqya Healing

Sihr ( Magic ) Witchcraft

  • Definition
  • Literal Meaning of Sihr
  • Technical Meaning of Sihr (according to Muslim tradition)
  • Evidence of existence of Sihr
  • Evidence from the Qur’aan
  • Evidence from Sunnah
  • Views of scholars on Sihr
  • How Does the Witch perform Sihr (Witchcraft)
  • The effect of Witchcraft on a victim
  • Treating Magic with Magic is Haraam (Unlawful) and the Reality of Those Who Claim to Use ‘Good Magic’ To Defeat ‘Bad Magic’
  • The Ruling on Seeking Aid From the Jinn
  • Signs by which a practitioner of Sihr (Magic) witch may be recognized
  • Punishment under Islamic Law for Practising Sihr
  • Warning against going to witches
  • Is Learning Sihr Lawful?
  • The Punishment under Islamic Law for a Non-Religious Person (Zimmi) Practicing Sihr
  • Difference between Sihr, Miracles and Charisma
  • Conclusion
  • Protective Measures against Sihr in general
  • Amulets (Taweez)

Different Witchcraft Types of Sihr ( Magic )

  • Sihr Al –Tafreeq (Separation)
  • Sihr Al – Mahabba/At-Tiwala (Love)
  • Sihr At – Takhyil (False Appearance of Objects)
  • Sihr Al – Junun (Lunacy)
  • Sihr Al – Khumul (Lethargy)
  • Sihr Al – Hawatif (Bad Dreams & Hearing Voices)
  • Sihr Al – Maradh (Illness)
  • Sihr An – Nazif (Bleeding Following Menses)
  • Sihr of Impeding Marriage
  • Al Sihr Ar – rabt (Penile Erection Problem during intercourse), Al- ‘ajz al-jinsi (impotence) and Adh-dhu’f al-jinsi (sexual weakness)
  • Types and Causes of Sterility

Evil Eye/Envy

  • Evil Eye
  • Types of Evil Eye
  • Evidence from the Qur’an
  • Evidence from the Sunnah
  • The difference between the evil eye and envy
  • Envy (Hasad)
  • Evidence for the existence of envy from the Qur’aan
  • Evidence from the Sunnah
  • Characteristics of the envier – so that they may be avoided
  • What are the characteristics of the envier?
  • General Symptoms of Evil Eye/Envy

The Jinn

  • Definition of Jinn
  • Evidence of the Existence of Jinn and Demons
  • Evidence from the Qur’an
  • Evidence from the Sunnah
  • A brief summary and insight in to the world of the Jinn and Devils
  • The Jinn & Exorcism
  • Kinds of sickness and harm caused by the jinn
  • Symptoms of jinn possession
  • Reasons why people are afraid of the jinn
  • Understanding that the plot of the Shaytaan is feeble
  • Ten ways of avoiding the harm of the Jinn and protecting oneself against the devils


  • Abnormal health problems and mental disorders
  • Nightmares
  • Blockages in life
  • Feelings

Mental and nervous illnesses

  • Delusion
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Protection/Supplication (ways to combat)

  • Protection from Suffering
  • Protective Measures against the evil devils
  • Ruqya ( Arabic Text)

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