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“The aim of this site is to direct towards the correct belief and methodolgy in treatment and combating Magic(Sihr),Evil eye, and Jinn Possesion,whether connected to spirtual, psychological or physical ailments or diseases. Also to give you a brief insight to understanding the Jinn, Sihr and Evil Eye/Envy and advice on how to protect yourself and how you could get help if you already are afflicted by them.

Treating illness by the noble Qur’aan is a practice known as ruqya healing that was abandoned for a while, and remained unknown except to a small number of scholars, to such an extent that the people knew of nothing but magicians and soothsayers, and the wares of charlatans and frauds became populer. Then the lord of the creation willed that a number of sincere callers to Allah” (Daa’iyahs ) be prepared to deal with this matter. They revived this practice after it had died out brought it back to life after it had disappeared.

Treating sickness by the Noble Qur’aan and Ruqyahs that are prescribed in Sharee’ah is the revival of a noble Prophetic Sunnah that had been abandoned.

Ibn Al-Qayyim (May Allah have Mercy Upon Him) regarded that as a kind of abandoning the Qur’aan and said: “ Whoever abandons the Qur’aan would abandon treating sickness and seeking Healing through it – I.e the Qur’aan.

(Al- Fawaaid by Ibn Al-Qayyim, p156.)

Treating sickness by means of the Noble Qur’aan is something that is real and is only denied by those who are ignorant and stubborn. Many people have benefited from it, and there are some diseases that have no other remedy except the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be Upon Him). Whoever interprets the Healing of the Qur’aan as referring to spiritual Healing only is falling short in his misundurstandings, for the Qur’aan offers both spiritual and physical Healing.

And We send down from the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism and act on it), and it increases the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) nothing but loss. (Quran 17.82)

The great scholar Ibn Al-Qayyim (May Allah have Mercy upon him) said: ‘He who the Qura’n did not Cure, Allah may never Cure him. And he who the Qur’an did not suffice, Allah may never suffice him. (Zad Al-Ma’ad 4/6 4/352.)


  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Conditions for Permissible Ruqya Healing
  • Things to avoid in Ruqya
  • The profession of Ruqya giving
  • Ruqya from the Sunnah
  • Ruqya with Allah’s names
  • Ruqya with the Quran
  • Evidence and Foundations for Ruqya Healing
  • Evidence from the Quran for Ruqya Healing
  • Evidence from the Sunnah for Ruqya Healing

Sihr ( Magic ) Witchcraft

  • Definition
  • Literal Meaning of Sihr
  • Technical Meaning of Sihr (according to Muslim tradition)
  • Evidence of existence of Sihr
  • Evidence from the Qur’aan
  • Evidence from Sunnah
  • Views of scholars on Sihr
  • How Does the Witch perform Sihr (Witchcraft)
  • The effect of Witchcraft on a victim
  • Treating Magic with Magic is Haraam (Unlawful) and the Reality of Those Who Claim to Use ‘Good Magic’ To Defeat ‘Bad Magic’
  • The Ruling on Seeking Aid From the Jinn
  • Signs by which a practitioner of Sihr (Magic) witch may be recognized
  • Punishment under Islamic Law for Practising Sihr
  • Warning against going to witches
  • Is Learning Sihr Lawful?
  • The Punishment under Islamic Law for a Non-Religious Person (Zimmi) Practicing Sihr
  • Difference between Sihr, Miracles and Charisma
  • Conclusion
  • Protective Measures against Sihr in general
  • Amulets (Taweez)

Different Witchcraft Types of Sihr ( Magic )

  • Sihr Al –Tafreeq (Separation)
  • Sihr Al – Mahabba/At-Tiwala (Love)
  • Sihr At – Takhyil (False Appearance of Objects)
  • Sihr Al – Junun (Lunacy)
  • Sihr Al – Khumul (Lethargy)
  • Sihr Al – Hawatif (Bad Dreams & Hearing Voices)
  • Sihr Al – Maradh (Illness)
  • Sihr An – Nazif (Bleeding Following Menses)
  • Sihr of Impeding Marriage
  • Al Sihr Ar – rabt (Penile Erection Problem during intercourse), Al- ‘ajz al-jinsi (impotence) and Adh-dhu’f al-jinsi (sexual weakness)
  • Types and Causes of Sterility

Evil Eye/Envy

  • Evil Eye
  • Types of Evil Eye
  • Evidence from the Qur’an
  • Evidence from the Sunnah
  • The difference between the evil eye and envy
  • Envy (Hasad)
  • Evidence for the existence of envy from the Qur’aan
  • Evidence from the Sunnah
  • Characteristics of the envier – so that they may be avoided
  • What are the characteristics of the envier?
  • General Symptoms of Evil Eye/Envy

The Jinn

  • Definition of Jinn
  • Evidence of the Existence of Jinn and Demons
  • Evidence from the Qur’an
  • Evidence from the Sunnah
  • A brief summary and insight in to the world of the Jinn and Devils
  • The Jinn & Exorcism
  • Kinds of sickness and harm caused by the jinn
  • Symptoms of jinn possession
  • Reasons why people are afraid of the jinn
  • Understanding that the plot of the Shaytaan is feeble
  • Ten ways of avoiding the harm of the Jinn and protecting oneself against the devils


  • Abnormal health problems and mental disorders
  • Nightmares
  • Blockages in life
  • Feelings

Mental and nervous illnesses

  • Delusion
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Protection/Supplication (ways to combat)

  • Protection from Suffering
  • Protective Measures against the evil devils
  • Ruqya ( Arabic Text)

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